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Angelica summing up what having responsibilities really means.

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DON’T BE AFRAID TO LOVE THE MOST. — Nate Bagley, founder of ‘Loveumentary’

I had always been taught that “the person who cares the least always has the most power.” We tell ourselves that not caring — not loving — means we get to dictate the pace of the relationship and the level of commitment. We believe the person who cares the least worries the least, stresses the least and has the most freedom to do as they please. We say that loving makes you weak and vulnerable. It makes you a captive in your own relationship, subject to the feelings, moods and desires of the one you love.

This one simple sentence by an 80-year-old woman changed a lifetime of belief for me: “Don’t be afraid to be the one who loves the most.” I suddenly realized that love is not weakness. It’s power.

Weeds 6x6

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a girlfriend is a potential wife if you ask me. relationships are investments not hobbies. y’all gotta grow up.

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Draper family photos!

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